We want to create an online marketplace experience for our users, where they can find stores and transact with them, similar to how they would in real life.
Tanishk Sharma
Co-founder & CEO
Mahan Singh
Co-founder & COO
"With Twine, we want to turn the traditional form of retail around. We will bring about a digital revolution and let businesses use the power of the internet."
After starting work on 'streamable apps', it took us some time to find the perfect fit between our technology and our market. Our streamable apps don't require traditional download and install mechanics. They just start running on your device, no matter what your operating system.

So we decided to let small and medium businesses use our streamable app technology to create fast and simple apps on which can be used by their customers to see what products are available, and place orders for the same. This functionality was then adapted to make time slot bookings, subscriptions, and much more, possible.

Then we packaged the whole experience into a single platform with a standardised order system, and enabled online payments so that all vendors could have apps selling their products and services.
And we called this the Virtual store.